Monitoring Database SQL Based database for monitoring data αnalysis.

The complete solution for tunnel volume calculations and geometrical study. Nine years of success work in big underground contructions.

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Monitoring Database

SQL Based database for monitoring data analysis.

Sharpening tools

Technical Features

Monitoring construction database

In the database can store the following data:

  • Horizontal - vertical Alignment
  • Drawing with the backround of all the project or parts of it
  • Geological data
    • Geological data sheets
    • Geological profiles
    • Boreholes
  • Measurements of survey targets
    • 3d targets
    • Level targets
  • Geotechnical instruments
    • Presuremeters
    • Inclinometers
    • Crackmeters
    • Load cells
    • Slidin micrometers
    • Straingauges
  • Construction Data
    • Work Progress ( excavation , gunite , stationing of TBM etc)
  • Work with autometed survey monitoring systems
  • Collect data from TBM and show in in real time

Download Files

You can download the manual and the brochure of the Terramove software from this section. In order to read these files, the software Acrobat Reader has to be installed to your pc. Download it from here.